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Introducing DNSer, Empowering Seamless Domain Management and Simplified Access to Node Data

Posted on:April 25, 2023 at 12:00 PM

Introducing DNSer: Empowering Seamless Domain Management and Simplified Access to Node Data

[Orlando, FL, 04/25/2023] - Pencil Domains is proud to unveil DNSer, a revolutionary decentralized and universal Top-Level Domain (TLD) checker designed for both ICANN and Handshake TLDs. This groundbreaking solution streamlines the process of obtaining essential TLD information, including availability, status, and WHOIS data. DNSer is engineered for seamless integration with a wide array of frameworks, such as NextJS, Svelte, Nuxt, Vue, React, Deno, and more, and is compatible with platforms like CLI, browsers, and mobile devices.

DNSer’s standout feature is its ability to verify identities without requiring a node or reliance on third-party services. By leveraging TXT records, users can effortlessly create and manage domain registries. For example, a TLD like .hnsrugs can incorporate a TXT record “hnsrugs” and a wallet address, while a new SLD under .hnsrugs can have a parallel non-decentralized TXT record containing the wallet address. This innovative approach allows users to connect TLDs and wallets, facilitating a seamless registry and verification process.

DNSer empowers developers to integrate decentralized domain management into their applications, simplifying user verification and registry creation. This state-of-the-art tool democratizes domain management, making it more accessible and user-friendly for a broader range of developers to harness the advantages of decentralized TLDs.

By simplifying access to node data and eliminating the need for users to have a node or extensive technical experience, DNSer provides node data in an easily digestible JSON format, allowing developers to seamlessly incorporate this information into their applications.

DNSer offers a live API for Handshake TLDs and ICANN TLDs, and is available on both Docker and NPM for effortless integration. As an open-source project hosted on GitHub, users can actively contribute by submitting PRs to add their TLDs to the list.

Experience lightning-fast TLD fetching from Handshake, courtesy of public DNS resolvers. The API enables users to obtain and resolve information about any TLD. Discover the API on NPM, Docker, and GitHub.

Explore the API’s capabilities by fetching TLDs from HNS and ICANN, or check domain availability on the universal API checker. Retrieve information at the api link about HNS TLDs.

DNSer offers compatibility with ICANN’s traditional TLDs and Handshake’s decentralized TLDs. Developed with TypeScript and JavaScript for optimal performance, the library can be installed via npm using the command npm i dnser.

To learn more about DNSer, visit the official Pencil Domains Special Event video Light Speed Unleashed.

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